Our Services

Our Services

De-risking your cross-border real estate investments.

We believe in far-sighted leaders, tapping the exciting SEE / CEE region in developing creative real estate projects. This is why it is our passion to deliver our multi-disciplinary and cross-border expertise and ensure de-risking your projects in the region.

Real Estate Consultancy

Market Research

Our tailor-made descriptive market reports include in-depth analysis of selected real estate market segments. Our market practice reports offer insights into financing, tenancy and urban planning along with statutory matters related to the general functioning of the real estate market in the relevant country.

Our searchable real estate price database contains records of tens of thousands of asking prices and completed transactions from which we can prepare a wide range of statistical analyses.

Transactions // Feasibilty Studies

Our real estate team offers comprehensive consultancy services for property owners, developers, and investors, which can be supplemented as required with the expertise of our urban planning, engineering, architecture, and sales teams.

We conduct feasibility studies and highest & best use analysis, coupled with technical due diligence, urban planning advisory, and concept design, to shape and optimize real estate projects.

Leveraging our local network, consultancy background, and international reach, we are able to identify and present unique local project opportunities, and where appropriate market them on an international stage.


We offer RICS Red Book valuations and court-certified valuations for loan security, as well as for accounting, legal actions, and pre-sales decision-making support. Our team of RICS members and local court experts are contracted by and collaborate with many local and regional banks.

Engineering Consultancy

Construction Prject Management and Supervision // Project Monitoring

Our international team of licensed engineers provides comprehensive technical services and consulting to developers, occupiers, property owners and prospective purchasers across the region.

We specialize in construction project management, ensuring successful coordination and completion of diverse real estate and construction projects. Our construction supervision services oversee the construction process, ensuring compliance with project documentation and regulatory requirements.

Building Surveying

We conduct technical due diligence typically for pre-acquisition, financing or ownership to understand the technical condition and design of a property, its suitability for its intended use and to quantify future costs, risks and liabilities. Our building surveying services offer upon request advanced technology and ESG consultancy, such as point-cloud surveying, as well as Breeam and Access4U accessibility certification services.


Urban Planning // Smart City // Urban Design

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